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About Warren Red

A New York-based design firm specializing in interiors and branding for the hospitality industry


Warren Red has a well-tested design process to conceive of – and realize – strong, unique brands. Developing brand character allows the team to delve deeply into the motivations, values and goals of any particular venture – this establishes the overarching position on a project, informing all aspects of the design, and all disciplines.


Beyond ideation and realization of a visual identity, Warren Red also works to maintain an open feedback loop to monitor how the brand evolves over time, and how the hard work of the design team can inform many other aspects of a project. These aspects can include food, beverage, product and offering, marketing activities, service rituals, merchandise, and so on. We call this stewardship.

Unique Qualities

Warren Red’s multi-disciplinary approach to all projects has developed into a unique set of tools. While not an exhaustive list, the below qualities provide insight into Warren Red’s design process.


research Warren Red has an in-depth research-based approach to design. Such was the case, for example, in researching Casco Viejo’s colorful past for the American Trade Hotel in Panama, the golden era of Times Square for The Rum House, and the vernacular architecture of the sari sari stores of the Philippines. Often hidden gems come to the surface and are given new meaning in a project.


naming What’s in a name? The answer is complex. In collaboration with the a client’s team, the task of naming a bar, restaurant or hotel is undertaken. Through interpretation of a client’s values and goals a unique position is established to set the venture apart from its competitors.

Brand Development

brand_development In many cases, Warren Red is brought in to help develop and define a brand from its infancy — and often to conceptualize an entire project. Drawing from their past experiences in the advertising industry, and employing their diligent workshop practices, the firm leads efforts to establish the core values of a brand, ensuring that a unique position in the marketplace is achieved. The net results are collated and documented informing all future outreach.

Brand Touch-points

touchpoints Design process brings to light opportunities to create touch-points which may not necessarily fall within the disciplines of interior design. Inspired by the potential for guest experience in their projects, Warren Red often proposes rituals and events for Owners and Operators to implement.

Integrated Multidisciplinary Approach

integrated_approach With Warren Red’s principal architect and artistic director sharing a desk, branding, interior design and architecture become blurred. By intertwining disciplines the most robust design solutions are reached in project delivery.

Unique Art Programs

artwork Warren Red seeks always to create art programs that are authentic and meaningful — whether by working with select artists matched to the identity of the property, or by creating the work in-house.

Staff Styling

uniforms Staff uniforms contribute greatly to a venue’s atmosphere. Warren Red has collaborated with fashion designers to create unique garments for front-of-house staff, and worked with clients to pitch to haute couture designers to collaborate in the styling of staff threads.

Every Project Is Different

everything_different_brand The common thread running through all of Warren Red’s projects is quality, but the firm does not have a signature look — each project is approached with fresh eyes to answer each client’s particular set of goals. Such a design team can therefore complete projects as varied as the Yves Durif Salon in The Carlyle and Jeepney, Filipino gastro-pub.

Industry Know-How

industry_know_how Through their work with The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, and various other leaders in the beverage industry, Warren Red brings to each project a highly sophisticated understanding of a bar or restaurant’s potential beverage offering. Warren Red can make introductions to key industry professionals to see that a project reaches its potential.